Upgraded Mermaid Bathtub


Submitted by: Ravenoir


Where to Obtain:

Only owners of a original bathtub are able to receive the quest from their mermaid to activate a chain quest to receive the upgraded bathtub.
After you get the quest from the mermaid, head to mirage island and talk to Soprere (Mirage fishing coin merchant) he’ll ask you for a Soprere’s frog which you can obtain from treasure mimics during fishing contests. This item is tradeable and can be bought off of other people. Once you get the frog the NPC will ask you to feed it.
Stage 1: 5000 bait worm + 100 livestock supplement
Stage 2: 5000 trimmed meat + 100 livestock supplement
Stage 3: 5000 Medicinal powder + 100 livestock supplement
Stage 4: 5000 Chopped produce + 100 livestock supplement
Stage 5: 5000 Orchard puree + 100 livestock supplement
Final stage: 500 livestock supplement
Once you have the fatted up frog, head back to mirage island with your frog and bathtub, turn in the quest and you receive the tradeable, upgraded mermaid bathtub.
Provides +10k fishing proficiency like the old bathtub, and is able to play sheet music.