Titan’s Wings

  • Source: Potential loot from Thunderwing Titan
  • Skills include:
    • Powerful Takeoff (30 sec cooldown)
    • Winged Discent (6 sec cooldown)
    • Thunder and Lightning (1 min cooldown) – Deals Physical Damage to enemies within 4m and pulls enemies within 12m closer to caster. Temporarily prevents movement or skill use but also temporarily makes the user invincible.
    • Pinion (10 sec cooldown)
  • FAQs:
    • Is it usable in Thunderwing Titan Fight in place of the Chill/Burning Titan Wings? – No it is just a glider.
    • Why does it have these glitches on it? – There aren’t glitches, it just puts on some sort of a light show I guess from the Lightning aspect from Thunderwing Titan.
    • Does the landing kill anyone really? – It’s not meant to be the finisher but it does make for breaking the norm with the typical glider. It does damage and pull people into you but it does not stack like a Behind Enemy Lines.
    • What’s the difference between these wings and the Chill/Burning Titan Wings. – It’s pretty much the same thing as the Chill Titan Wings with an added crest at the top. Which looks like the Titan’s eyes and maybe the horns.

Submitted by: Katsunaga