Tahyangshero – Tahyang


Character – Tahyangshero – Tahyang

Submitted by – Andross




Piece Name
Head Demon Hunter’s Eyepatch
Chest Radiant Dawnsdrop Jerkin
Waist Auroria Hellbent Tassets
Wrists Auroria Hellbent Vambraces
Hands Annihilator’s Gauntlets
Back Unyielding Spirit Cloak
Legs Restored Enigmatic Breeches
Feet Ayanad Earth Sabatons
Main Hand Blackleaf
Off-Hand Delphinad Flame Shield
Bow Cursed Obsidian Bow
Instrument Cursed Obsidian Lute
Tradepack/Glider Ultimate Glider

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Pirate Daily
  • Chest: Crafting
  • Waist: Divine Garden Plate Gear
  • Wrists: Divine Garden Plate Gear
  • Hands: Crafting
  • Back: Honor Vendor
  • Legs: Unidentified Ebonsong Armor
  • Feet: Crafting
  • Main Hand: Crafting
  • Off-Hand: Crafting
  • Bow: Crafting
  • Instrument: Crafting
  • Tradepack/Glider: Crafting


It all started with the pants. I found them while farming mobs. I made the transmog based on them. The boots i left on, im sure theres better options 🙂