Stormduster 1000

  • Source:
    • Normal: Loyalty shop – 625 loyalty tokens
    • Enhanced: Stormduster Strongbox – 420 credits RNG box
  • Stats:
    • Flight speed: High
    • Gliding ability: High
    • Turning speed: Moderate
    • Launch height: Moderate
  • Special Skills:
    • Broom Nitro: Instantly gain speed (with increase in altitude), 30s cd
    • Telebroom: Teleports 12m forward, 30s cd
    • Stealthy Sweeper: Stealth mode with 15% bonus gliding speed, 1m cd
    • Broom Smokescreen: Creates magenta colored smokescreen, required glider smokescreen from general merchant
    • Flaming Pinion: As usual, increases 30% gliding speed
  • Info:
    • The little pumpkin face and broom’s bristles are slightly glowing
    • Has different character poses for each gliding speed

Submitted by: Purrum