• Source: Level 30+ quest reward sets. Uppers acquired from Ynystere (east) or Cinderstone Moor (west). Bottoms and hat acquired from Halcyona
    • Upper Armor: (East) “Monstrous Insects” quest from Guard Lind, just outside Hadir Farm dungeon in Ynystere. (West) “The Demons of Cinderstone” quest from Archeologist Jenkins in the Burnt Castle area of Cinderstone Moor
    • Lower Armor: “An Orphan’s Fears” quest from Allie near Eastern Halcyona camp in Halcyona
    • Helm: “Rogarr’s Head” quest from killing Snakescale Chieftain Rogarr in Snakescale Den in Halcyona


Submitted by: Ayin


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