Schattenkind – Aier


Character – Schattenkind – Aier

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Piece Name
Head Flaming Passion Hood
Chest Crazed Hermit’s Jerkin (Obsidian T4 Fused)
Waist Auroria Mystic Sash
Wrists Auroria Mystic Sleeves
Hands Crazed Hermit’s Gloves (T3 Obsidian Cloth Fused )
Back Enraged Red Dragon’s Pinion
Legs Crazed Hermit’s Boots (Obsidian T4 Fused)
Feet Crazd Hermit’s Boots
Main Hand Obsidian T2 Katana
Off-Hand Eternal Shield of Fortitude
Bow Obsidan T1
Instrument Eternal Lute of Sacrifice
Tradepack/Glider Glider Companion: Squirrel

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Crafting (T4 Obsidian Cloth)
  • Chest: Kroloal Cradle
  • Waist: Auroria
  • Wrists: Auroria
  • Hands: Kroloal Cradle
  • Back: Red Dragon Event
  • Legs: Kroloal Cradle
  • Feet: Kroloal Cradle
  • Main Hand: Crafting
  • Off-Hand: Hasla Tokens
  • Bow: Crafting
  • Instrument: Hasla Tokens
  • Tradepack/Glider: Loyality Tokens