Sapphire Solarium


This is what it looks like on the outside.

archeage-sapphire-solarium archeage-sapphire-solarium-2 archeage-sapphire-solarium-3 archeage-sapphire-solarium-4

Interior is unfortunately a bit small than expected.

archeage-sapphire-solarium-5 archeage-sapphire-solarium-6 archeage-sapphire-solarium-7 archeage-sapphire-solarium-8

Unfortunately you cannot interact with the Chandelier

Farming Space, Green Coral Polyp used for size comparison

archeage-sapphire-solarium-10 archeage-sapphire-solarium-11 archeage-sapphire-solarium-12

What it looks like when decorated

archeage-sapphire-solarium-13 archeage-sapphire-solarium-14 archeage-sapphire-solarium-15

Where to Obtain:

Available from Eternal Awakening Pack ($250) released on Sept 16, 2015. It needs a 28×28 plot and requires 30 Stone Packs, 10 Lumber Packs, and 10 Iron Packs to build.