Submitted by: Jacob Nielsen



Where to Obtain:

The set shown here is a ‘crafted’ set via an easy but involved questline starting in Dewstone Plains. It is always of purple item quality, and despite the fact that it does not show a set bonus on the armor, it does give one! Upon entering Dewstone Plains, you will receive the first quest to farm 8 armbands from local thieves.. Once you have done so, you must find a special ‘Worn Armor Form’ (there is one at Royster’s Camp and Sandcloud) to craft the item upon, and you can choose cloth, leather, or plate. It costs 100 labor plus 3 Blue Salt Wedges for each piece. Once you have crafted the first piece of the set, your quest log will automatically update with the next series of kill quests needed for you to craft the next piece. The final quest leads you into Sharpwind Mines in order to craft the chestpiece.