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  1. Yuukii Asuna
    13 October 2014 @ 2117

    When do the clothes get posted that you submitted?


    • Kaiserin
      14 October 2014 @ 0703

      It usually takes like a day based on the ones I sent in..Just be patient. 🙂


    • Exiled Messenger
      14 October 2014 @ 0719

      Customized sets are posted immediately. I usually work on all other submissions every morning (US eastern time zone), though occasionally I have appointments and can’t get to them right away.


      • Yuukii Asuna
        15 October 2014 @ 1823

        Have you seen the other outfits I put up? Or do I have to send them again?


        • Exiled Messenger
          15 October 2014 @ 1840

          Everything I have received has been posted. If you don’t see your images, it’s because they are located on a different page or I couldn’t verify the item name against ArcheAge Database.


          • Yuukii Asuna
            15 October 2014 @ 2027

            Should I post them again then? Because they are quest things and stuff too.

          • Exiled Messenger
            15 October 2014 @ 2029

            Which ones are you talking about?

          • Yuukii Asuna
            15 October 2014 @ 2034

            Like the Solis Outfit that you get from Solis Headlands. I can understand my Hal Happa one maybe not going up since I am missing the Hood.. ><
            Or even my Shabby Pirate Outfit one. (I saw it up, but I am a Harani)

          • Exiled Messenger
            15 October 2014 @ 2038

            Ok, the Solis one I was misspelling as Soils and couldn’t find it in the database. I will update that in the morning.
            I also cannot find Hal Happa in the database. And I can’t see any visual difference between your Shabby Pirate set and the one already posted.

          • Yuukii Asuna
            15 October 2014 @ 2148

            My Shabby Pirate outfit and look is better. :<
            And for the Hal Happa outfit. I think this is the outfit I got from Quests in Tigerspine.

  2. Jennifer
    27 October 2014 @ 2212

    Is there a section, or are you planning to add one, for proficiency sets? Such as Mining, Leatherworking, etc…?
    Or would they go under Cloth, I already see one there, so I am assuming that is where it goes.


    • Dulfy
      27 October 2014 @ 2235

      Ya we will add a section for those. Currently they are a bit mixed in with the cloth but we will get it sorted out soonish


      • mmo45
        18 November 2014 @ 2032

        dulfy you’re contributing here? geez now I KNOW this website is/will be legit.hahahaha


  3. Arby
    11 May 2015 @ 0346

    What is the best site to use for a guide to for like lower level dungeons and game mechanics. I like this game so much but I’m only now reaching lvl 18 and getting confused and frustrated on some of the stuff like “armor regarding(???)” and I cannot find a guide that is even semi-complete, and most sites haven’t been updated since beta. This site is a great resource, thanks to everyone that’s contributing to it.


    • Dulfy
      11 May 2015 @ 1007

      I wouldn’t worry about armor regrading until you are max level and have a set of armor you going to wear for a while. It is basically a way to increase the quality of your armor to the next rarity level and it is very expensive and highly RNG based with the chances of downgrade or getting your stuff destroyed as you get to higher rarity. You need an armor/weapon/accessory regrading scroll you can get from the auction house or random drop from the RNG chests you can buy from the marketplace.

      As for lower level dungeons ask in faction chat for a mentor. There will be plenty of people willing to mentor you and basically clear everything for you and let you keep the loot since there is a daily quest for higher level players to do it


      • Arby
        11 May 2015 @ 1523

        Thanks dulfy. Just getting the feel for it still, but so much better and more interesting to me than that other game I play. Crafting, huge sandbox, mixed combat skills, feels a lot like SWG tbh. 🙂


  4. Amro Abdulqader
    11 June 2016 @ 1449

    how do you get the bright futures, the royal guard, and the yaksa general?


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