• Character: Protatoo of Hanure
  • Submitted by: Protatoo
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    Costume Source Dye Color


    Piece Name Source
    Head Cold-Blooded Cap Burnt castle armory
    Chest Cold-Blooded Jerkin Burnt castle armory
    Waist Delphinad Lightning Belt crafting
    Hands Shadow Thief's Fists Unidentified Outrider Armor
    Back Red Demon of Stone Stairs bow Unidentified Astral Ranger Weapon
    Legs Cold-Blooded Breeches Burnt Castle Armory
    Feet Cold-Blooded Boots Burnt Castle Armory
    Main Hand Ayanad Mist Katana Crafting
    Off-Hand Heroic Miracle Unidentified Astral Ranger Weapon
    Tradepack/Glider Sloth Glider Loyalty Shop