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  1. Jerry
    18 September 2014 @ 2210

    there is no quest at old angler lucidious, you have to do some quest before that, don’t no wich


  2. Sunspar
    17 October 2014 @ 0128

    Here is the quest chain I used to get the hood. Note that I only saw this quest after running the quests from Grenwolf up to Blueglass and getting the armor lowers chest, so I’m not sure if they are a prerequisite for this set of quests or not.

    For the hood:
    Hypnotize Achassi
    The Ocean’s Light
    The Thread of Memory
    Restoring Aidel
    Change the Enchantment
    Smash the Spell
    (“An Island Ritual”, found on the same island, may be required at this stage or later.)
    Regulus’s Folly
    The Sound of Summoning
    Buying Time
    The Calleil High Priest (this quest rewards the hood)


  3. jtakii
    3 November 2014 @ 0654

    so im guessing if youve already done these quests youre screwed right?


    • Dulfy
      3 November 2014 @ 1028

      You can do it on an alt if you really want the armor and then use fusion alembic to get the skin on your main


      • Drewztoon
        4 November 2014 @ 0833

        Will you expand upon the Fusion Alembic and how the resulting skin becomes available to an alt? I’ve only been playing AA for a week, and I’m really enjoying the experience.

        BTW: I decided to check out AA because of what I saw here on this site.

        I want to thank you and Exile for what the two of you are doing for us.


        • Dulfy
          4 November 2014 @ 0853

          You need to use the fusion alembic first by right clicking it and selecting an armor piece you want to convert to image.

          Then go to the blacksmith and press H next to him to get the fusion screen pop up. Select the stats item you want and the image item and then convert it over. Make sure you use a tradeable item for the stat item.


          • Drewztoon
            5 November 2014 @ 1039

            Cool! That’s great info. Thank you for the quick reply. <3

  4. Kardan
    14 February 2015 @ 1458

    Is this mailable?


    • Kardan
      14 February 2015 @ 1503

      or do you have to have a fusion alembic on it, then mail it.


      • Dulfy
        15 February 2015 @ 1522

        Need to use fusion alembic to convert it to an image and then fuse it on a tradeable armor


  5. Anri
    1 January 2020 @ 0410

    Seems like the quest reward has changed in Archeage Unchained. These are no longer the rewards.


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