• Character: EverLoom of Kyrios
  • Submitted by: EverLoom
  • ScreenShot2312ScreenShot2320

    Piece Name
    Head Lacy Bunny Ears
    Chest Dawnsdrop Jerkin
    Waist Some random auroria piece
    Wrists Some random auroria piece
    Hands Peppermint Bracelet
    Back Twintail cloak
    Legs Pure souls breeches
    Feet Tree Shade Shoes
    Main Hand Berserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper
    Off-Hand Searing Oath
    Bow Epherium Flame Bow
    Instrument Wayfarer’s Danger
    Tradepack/Glider Yin-Yang Wings

    Where to Obtain:

    • Head: Plushie egg thingo
    • Chest: Crafted
    • Waist: auroria item drops
    • Wrists: auroria item drops
    • Hands: Cash shop
    • Back: Guild prestige shop
    • Legs: some unidentified item
    • Feet: Armor Merchant
    • Main Hand: Red Dragon Drop
    • Off-Hand: Morpheus Drop
    • Bow: Crafting/AH
    • Instrument: Crafting/AH
    • Tradepack/Glider: Event from a while back
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