Edyth – Ollo


Character – Edyth – Ollo

Submitted by – Espinite




Piece Name
Head N/a
Chest Vicious Slayer’s Cuirass
Waist N/a
Wrists N/a
Hands Vicious Slayer’s Gauntlets
Back Epherium Hatchetblade Cloak (Can be swapped for others.)
Legs Auroria Plate Greaves
Feet Vicious Slayer’s Sabatons
Main Hand Lost Garden Faded (1. Greatclub, 2. Club)
Off-Hand Lost Garden Faded Shield
Bow N/a
Instrument N/a
Tradepack/Glider N/a

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: N/a
  • Chest: Kroloal Cradle (Final boss)
  • Waist: N/a
  • Wrists: N/a
  • Hands: Kroloal Cradle (First boss)
  • Back: Prestige Shop
  • Legs: Auroria Plate drops/Auction house
  • Feet: Kroloal Cradle (Last boss)/Quest from Ari in Ssslythx, Rookborne Basin
  • Main Hand: Auroria weapon drops
  • Off-Hand: Auroria weapon drops
  • Bow: N/a
  • Instrument: N/a
  • Tradepack/Glider: N/a


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