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Dropped Armor


  1. libra88
    20 November 2014 @ 0017

    can someone provide the picture for the [Body Thief’s Cuirass][Ferocious Butcher’s Cuirass] set? lv 31- plate BC / HF drop and maybe the leather and cloth too 🙂 thx


  2. McFly
    20 November 2014 @ 1725

    Is this website being updated anymore? I’ve submitted a several “Dropped” full armor sets (multiple angles) and they haven’t made it onto the site at all. It’s been a little over a week so far since submission. That might not seem like a long time but it takes all of two minutes to upload pictures to a webpage, which makes me wonder how many other submissions haven’t made it here yet.


    • Exiled Messenger
      20 November 2014 @ 1745

      Everything that has been submitted to the site has been posted. I update the submissions every morning. If you don’t see something you submitted on this page, try doing a search for it.


      • McFly
        20 November 2014 @ 1755

        WTF?! I see all the images now. Are they invisible to people who haven’t made a DISQUS account with the website? I believe they are. You might want to look into that 🙂


        • Dulfy
          20 November 2014 @ 1850

          Hmm I was logged into disqus account yesterday and did not see any images on this page. I believe there was a bug somewhere that caused the posts to be invisible


          • McFly
            21 November 2014 @ 0032

            Ah, weird. I’ve been checking this “Dropped” page for days and it’s been empty. I’m glad it’s fixed itself.

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