CloverHope – Naima


Character – CloverHope – Naima

Submitted by – Clover Hope




Piece Name
Head Auroria Wildborn Cap
Chest Crazed Hermit’s Jerkin
Waist Auroria Wildborn Belt
Wrists Auroria Wildborn Guards
Hands Usurper’s Gauntlets
Back Disgraceful Fall
Legs Crazed Hermit’s Breeches
Feet Punished Believer’s Boots
Main Hand Desire’s Claw
Off-Hand Great Fortress Shield
Bow Fugitive
Instrument Aria of Archery
Tradepack/Glider Glider Companion: Sloth

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Divine Garden Leather Gear (Auroria)
  • Chest: Kroloal Cradle (Rookborne Basin)
  • Waist: Divine Garden Leather Gear (Auroria)
  • Wrists: Divine Garden Leather Gear (Auroria)
  • Hands: Unidentified Druid Armor
  • Back: Haunted Chest (Auroria)
  • Legs: Kroloal Cradle (Rookborne Basin)
  • Feet: Palace Cellar (Mahadevi)
  • Main Hand: Obsidian Dagger T4
  • Off-Hand: Eternal Library Weapon (Library)
  • Bow: Obsidian Bow t4
  • Instrument: Proven Warrior Workbench
  • Tradepack/Glider: Loyalty Tokens