Submitted by: Jennifer Y. (Jenilya)



Submitted by: Martin


Where to Obtain:

Plate set armor rewards from questing – Level 47-50

  • Bright Futures Plate Lowers Chest (QUEST – The Redscale Chieftain / ZONE Karkasse Ridgelands)
  • Bright Futures Plate Uppers Chest (QUEST – Good For the Heart / ZONE Hasla)
  • Bright Futures Helm (QUEST – The Shaman of Dragonroar / ZONE Karkasse Ridgelands)

Items are dropped from 3 different quest.

  • Upper Chest Pieces drop from a quest in Hasla – “Good For the Heart”
  • Lower Chest Pieces drop from the quest “The Redscale Chieftain” in Karkasse
  • Helmet drops from the quest “The Shaman of Dragonroar” in Karkasse.
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