Black Cat Undergarment

  • Source: These undergarments come in 3 colours but obtained from different merchants/marketplace after 3.0b:
    • Black Cat/Pearl – Purchased from an Evenbard, infused with 20 Honor Badges – FFA Arena
    • Ruby/Red Cat – Purchased with 200 Gilda Stars
    • Golden/Gold Cat – Purchased with 100 Loyalty Tokens
  • Players with pre-3.0b undergarments can upgrade to any colour via the Mirage workbench
  • Info on items:
    • Binds on equip
    • Works same way as costumes (upgrading, stat rolls, refreshing stats with soap, etc)
    • Can be used as image for another undergarment
    • Can be slotted with ranged weapon/instrument gems ie. Tempest, Torrent, Pierce, Breakthrough


Submitted by: Ayin



Submitted by: Ayin