Arteminis – Nui


Character – Arteminis – Nui

Submitted by – Arteminis




Piece Name
Head Sassy Straw Hat
Chest Sunrise Swimtop
Waist Shadowsong Sash
Wrists Shadowsong Sleeves
Hands Peppermint Bracelet
Back Hopes for Peace
Legs Delphinad Wave Pants
Feet Flirty Flip-Flops
Main Hand Candy Canetana
Off-Hand Gingerbread Buckler
Bow Delphinad Wave Bow
Instrument Fantasia of Sorcery
Tradepack/Glider Goblin Glider

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Marketplace (300 Credits)
  • Chest: Rum Runner Rapids Event
  • Waist: Serpentis
  • Wrists: Serpentis
  • Hands: Marketplace
  • Back: Haunted Chest
  • Legs: Tailoring
  • Feet: Marketplace
  • Main Hand: Winter Festival
  • Off-Hand: Winter Festival
  • Bow: Carpentry
  • Instrument: Halcyona
  • Tradepack/Glider: Explorer’s Chest


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