Character – Anna – Tahyang

Submitted by – Brett




Piece Name
Head Evanescent Cap
Chest Epherium Squall Jerkin ( Dawnsdrop Jerkin )
Waist Auroria Promise Belt
Wrists Auroria Wildborn Guards
Hands Auroria Promise Fist ( Spearmint Bracelet)
Back Unwavering Honor Cloak
Legs Evanescent Breeches ( Dazzling Dawnsdrop Breeches )
Feet Auroria Wildborn Boots
Main Hand Vexed Desire
Off-Hand Vexed Desire
Bow Devine Delphinad Volcano Bow
Instrument Stradivarius
Tradepack/Glider Red Dragon Glider

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Craft
  • Chest: Craft
  • Waist: Drop
  • Wrists: Drop
  • Hands: Drop
  • Back: Pvp
  • Legs: Craft
  • Feet: Drop
  • Main Hand: Craft
  • Off-Hand: Craft
  • Bow: Swipe hard
  • Instrument: Drop
  • Tradepack/Glider:


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